Let's get this out of the way before we start here; seeing someone push their exotic sports car on a race track is a wonderful thing. Too often these highly capable machines are left all too shiny in someone's garage or pushed down the road to the country club and back.

These cars were meant to be pushed, and we appreciate when they're used as such.

Now... it's also a shame to see them smashed up.

This was exactly what happened at a recent private track day for Ferrari owners at the legendary Spa Francorchamps Circuit in Belgium. A video captured by YouTube user Gumbal shows the resulting carnage laid upon a handful of prancing horse lovelies. There are no shots of the actual crashes, but the damage is still worthy of a look.

Up first is a 430 Scuderia piloted by a driver that wound up taking the not-preferable grass route. The car wound up with some serious scrapes but looks like it should all be repairable at quick glance. Soon, however, we're treated to the site of not one but two 458 coupes with more serious levels of damage. The red car seems to have mostly front-end issues, which is the one saving grace for that owner. The white car seems to have been hit all over the place, so who knows to what extent that car is hurt.

Regardless, we hope that everyone walked away with nothing more than sore muscles, hurt pride, and depleted bank accounts. Again, it's a shame to see these cars banged up, but it also puts a smile on our face knowing that they were being enjoyed out on a racetrack... right up until it wasn't fun anymore.


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