After being dominated for years by Holden and Ford, Australia’s V8 Supercars this year opened up the series to more brands. This saw Nissan with its Altima and a private entity racing a Mercedes-Benz quickly sign on, and at one point there was talk of Chrysler joining too.

While the Chrysler entry never eventuated, there’s a chance we may see a Volvo line up on the grid at a V8 Supercars race in the not too distant future.

Volvo, together with existing V8 Supercars team Garry Rogers Motorsport, will confirm its V8 Supercars commitment at the media launch of its new S60 Polestar sedan in Australia on June 17, local publication Car Sales is reporting.  

Garry Rogers Motorsport was the same team previously reported to be courting Chrysler as a replacement for the Holden banner it currently races under.

Volvo Australia has denied the latest claims but refused to comment on whether it plans to make a further announcement.

You may be wondering how Volvo, which no longer offers a V-8-powered car, can compete in a series called V8 Supercars. The reason is due to the series’ new Car of the Future regulations, which call for a single ‘control’ chassis to be used by all teams. Engines and styling, however, are unique and don't have to be featured in a production model.

It’s not clear what engine a Volvo V8 Supercars challenger would utilize, though it’s unlikely to be the 4.4-liter Yamaha V-8 engine the automaker previously offered in its production cars.

As for what car Volvo will use, it’s almost certain the S60 would be picked. Sales of the S60 Polestar is about to commence in Australia and version of the S60 are already raced in touring car series back in Volvo’s home market of Sweden (Swedish Racing Elite League by TTA) and in Belgium.

Stay tuned for an update.


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