The world has already laid eyes on the sultry shape that is the Alfa Romeo 4C. Now, however, Alfa is taking it out to play and the car is ready to make its "dynamic debut".

The stage for the affair is a good one too, as the 4C will make the run up the hill to the Goodwood House. We're talking about the Goodwood Festival of Speed, which runs from July 12 through to 14.

Everyone may have gotten a visual taste of the Italian machine at the most recent Geneva Motor Show. But now the time has come to hear the car's 1.8-liter turbo four-cylinder engine bark forth with its 250 horsepower and 260 pound-feet of torque.

That engine helps push the car from 0-62 miles per hour in just 4.5 seconds. Keep the throttle mashed and the 4C will eventually hit its top speed somewhere on the better side of 155 miles per hour.

This car isn't just about forward speed though, as Alfa Romeo has worked to make sure it can handle as well. It sounds like it can do just that since its rated to hit 1.1 lateral Gs in corners. That should come in rather handily as the driver pushes up the twisting hillclimb course at Goodwood.

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