A Lexus LFA owner in Norway has managed to persuade his town to remove a speed hump located near his home because it was too high for him to drive his prized supercar over.

Rune Berge Vik, a Lexus enthusiast and possibly the only owner of an LFA in the Nordic region, first realized he had a problem with the speed hump when driving the supercar home after collecting it from an importer in the Norwegian capital Oslo.

The ground clearance of his LFA is only around 4.3 inches, which made it impossible to drive over the speed hump without causing damage to the car.

In an interview with Broom, Berge Vik explained that a helpful man at the local council in Stavanger, where he lives, organized to have the speed hump removed.

This was particularly important to Berge Vik, as he uses his LFA as a daily driver during the warmer months and frequently used the road with the speed hump. Presumably, there were few alternatives.

If only all local councils were so helpful.


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