You're a pretty good driver. Perhaps you've been to a few track days, taken a few lessons, and you're certainly no slouch on your local canyon roads. Not only that, but you explore your limits without any help from a traction control system because you're on your way to true tail-out driving glory.

Still, once you're done and on the drive home it might not be a bad idea to push that little button and turn the "nanny" systems back on. Even if you think your the next Fangio... the guy or gal in the lane next to you probably isn't.

(Also, you're not the next Fangio)

British outlet Autocar wanted to find out just how much a modern ESP system can help in a situation requiring emergency maneuvers. The vehicle of choice? A 2013 Lamborghini Gallardo because why not. Presenter Steve Sutcliffe does a couple of passes down a runway at 70 miles per hour.

He has the ESP system turned on and proceeds to do simulate an emergency lane change. During the first go around, he tries to fight the car and it requires a massive correction. Still, he keeps it pointing in the right direction in the end.

After that there's another pass with ESP on, but this time Steve relaxes to see if the car can correct itself with less input on his part. It does, and he's impressed. So are we quite frankly. Yet there's a third test that needs to be done, this time with ESP turned off.

We're sure you can guess what happens next. No? Watch the video then and find out.


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