If you can afford a Rolls-Royce, you're obviously a person who prefers the finer things in life. Your shirts are tailored, your suits are custom made, and you enjoy a bit of personalization in the goods you buy. This extends to your vehicle, which is why the car builders at Rolls-Royce offer up rides that are truly bespoke machines. Not only is it impressive that Rolls-Royce offers such a customizable program, but what's more impressive is just how many customers take advantage.

According to the automaker, nearly every Rolls-Royce Phantom sold around the globe has been treated with some aspect of the bespoke program. For the Ghost, the number of customers participating is three out of every four. In North America alone, which accounts for most of the Rolls-Royce vehicles sold on the planet, 95 percent of all Phantom customers opt to customize their luxuriously exotic rides.

Because of this ever-increasing demand for customized Phantoms and Ghosts, Rolls-Royce has expanded its Goodwood, England-based assembly hall. Additionally, the number of jobs offered for bespoke designers and engineers has doubled.

The level of customization depends on the customer, and can vary greatly. It can be as simply as the addition of initials into the headrests or it can be as elaborate as sourcing the interior wood from a tree grown on the owner's estate. Colors can be matched to anything the customer desires, and additional items such as humidors and champagne coolers are equally, and easily, possible.


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