Infiniti dealers across the country have been desperately waiting for a new flagship sedan to take on the likes of the Lexus LS and BMW 7-Series to be announced, and while senior management are aware of the need of such a vehicle, they are considering alternatives to a conventional, full-size luxury sedan.

Speaking with Car and Driver, Infiniti chief Johan de Nysschen explained that the automaker was considering a model positioned above its Q70 (former M), with something akin to the Mercedes-Benz CLS Class and Audi A7 being a strong possibility.

Being a flagship, sales will be limited so to spread costs de Nysschen sees Infiniti developing a second model from the same platform, likely to be a luxurious GT.

“I think we need some kind of sexy sports car that might share powertrains and platforms with [the range-topping sedan], but an even more emotional iteration,” de Nysschen said.

The Infiniti exec went on to explain that this luxury GT won’t be a production version of the Emerg-E extended-range electric, as Infiniti has decided that a sports car isn’t the best platform for electric tech just yet, but is more likely to be a powerful and comfy tourer along the lines of the Jaguar F-Type.

As for powertrains, V-6s with forced induction are likely to be picked. Developing new V-8 engines has previously been ruled out by de Nysschen, and late last year he confirmed that Infiniti would be launching a car packing a force-fed V-6 with up to 550 horsepower.

Whatever the outcome, it's clear Infiniti is planning to add a genuine flagship to its lineup, though it looks like we may have to wait some years while the automaker makes up its mind on just what road--or roads--to take.