Dutch sports car manufacturer Spyker only announced production plans for its stunning B6 Venator concept car last month, but already the company is talking about a convertible version.

In it its latest financial statements, Spyker is said to have made mention of a new ‘B6 Venator Spyder’ that’s set to be revealed this year and presumably due for production alongside the coupe in 2014.

No other details about the car were revealed, though Cars UK, which obtained a copy of the statements, claims Spyker had no real turnover or any profits last year except for a cash injection from its Chinese partner Youngman.

There’s also an alleged note about some of Spyker’s debt being converted to shares.

Spyker, still recovering from its turbulent Saab days, is returning to roots of building beautifully detailed, aviation-inspired performance machines. However, it also looks like its CEO, Victor Muller, is returning to his habit of promising a lot but delivering little.

On top of the pair of B6 Venator sports cars, Spyker has announced plans to launch a new high-performance crossover that it is developing with Youngman. A concept version of this crossover is due next year.

If that wasn’t enough, Spyker will upgrade its existing C8 Aileron by lifting the current 400-horsepower rating to levels expected of a modern supercar.

We’re great fans of the Spyker’s cars, including the new B6 Venator, so we certainly hope the company’s promises are kept.