If you missed your chance at getting one of the drag-strip-ready COPO Camaros that Chevrolet was building for 2013, the brand is giving drag racers a second chance (of sorts). On March 28, Chevrolet Performance will begin selling an unspecified but “limited number” of Camaro rolling chassis, priced at $55,000.

That money buys you a specially-numbered roller that’s built alongside the COPO Camaros in the Oshawa assembly plant. Each comes in Summit White, with production window glass, headlamps, tail lamps, an NHRA-approved roll cage, racing seats, an instrument panel, a steering wheel, door panels, carpeting and a headliner.

Even the basic body and chassis wiring harnesses are included, though the engine wiring harness is not part of the deal. NHRA-approved suspension bits are used, and the roller gets Bogart racing wheels shod with Hoosier tires.

That means builders need only supply an engine (with intake, exhaust headers and engine mounts), an ECU, a wiring harness, a battery, coolant hoses (for the included radiator), a transmission and shifter, a driveshaft and a differential third member.

In fact, buyers can do essentially all of their shopping out of the Chevrolet Performance catalog, and can even order up the COPO Build Book to virtually duplicate the brand’s turnkey drag racer.

While $55,000 may sound like a lot of money for an incomplete race car (especially when a brand-new Camaro SS can be purchased for a little over $33,000), trust us on this: it would cost you more to tear down a new SS and build the equivalent roller yourself, not to mention how many hours the project would eat up.

For collectors, this may not be as attractive as snapping up one of the 69 COPO Camaros built for 2013, but for racers, this may prove to be an even-more-attractive alternative.