With the Ferrari LaFerrari (say that twice..wait, you already did) and McLaren P1 absorbing much of the megawatt spotlight in Geneva, the three-unit Lamborghini Veneno is easy to miss--that is, until you see it.

As these live photos from the 2013 Geneva Motor Show display in detail, the Veneno is built not just for aerodynamic downforce and lap times, but for turning heads, and doing it even more violently than the Aventador it's based on.

From the racing-inspired front fender vents to the sharp and defined rear fenders, the central fin down the back, to the gigantic fixed wing, even the chunky diffuser under the rear of the car, the Veneno is hard to miss, and even harder to look away from. It's a fighter jet for the street.

Of course, the bark from its 6.5-liter, 740-horsepower V-12 engine might bend some necks as well. For the full details on this already-sold-out hypercar, check out our Lamborghini Veneno preview here.


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