As we learn from this week's installment of Inside Koenigsegg, Robert Serwanski may have the best job in the entire world. He’s the official test driver for Koenigsegg, which means he gets paid to wheel the Agera R at the car’s rather substantial limits, all in the name of a day’s work.

That’s not to say that every day consists of 12 hours worth of using up tires and brake pads. As a production line worker, Serwanski is just as likely to be pulling an engine or a gearbox out of a car, or tuning shift points on the transmission to a particular customer’s expectations.

In between these extremes, Serwanski is the Koenigsegg employee who does the final wheel alignment and beds in the brakes. He’s also responsible for the final quality control checks, since squeaks and rattles are unacceptable in a car of the Agera R’s status and price point.

As Serwanski points out, a good racing driver doesn't necessarily make a good test driver, since being able to consistently drive a car at its limit and beyond is only part of the equation. A good test driver can’t just tell engineers, “the car is understeering;” instead, he has to be able to say, “we need to soften the front anti-roll bar to counter push.”

Christian von Koenigsegg’s cars are meant to be driven and driven hard, which is what makes Serwanski’s role within the company so essential. In this built-by-robots and tested-by-machines world, it’s refreshing to see that some companies still rely on the experience and dedication of key employees to deliver a superior product.