If you believe that Europe and Japan get all the cool cars while we’re relegated to sloppy seconds, the newly-announced Subaru BRZ RA Racing probably won’t make you any happier.

Like stripped tuner and racing versions already announced by Toyota and Subaru, the Subaru BRZ RA Racing comes with (most) everything you need for track days while omitting everything you don’t. Forget about amenities like an audio system or air conditioning, which are replaced by things like a roll cage, harnesses and additional cooling.

Pistonheads points out that the Subaru BRZ RA Racing doesn’t get any additional power from its 2.0-liter boxer engine, it comes with steel wheels and skinny tires and the suspension is the same as you’ll find on any production BRZ. Why not add the good stuff from the factory? Because racers prefer to use their own (often sponsored) components.

Though Subaru has done what it can to pare back weight, the car tips the scales at 1,230 kilograms (2,706 pounds) thanks to the addition of the roll cage and door bars. To boost acceleration, BRZ RA Racing models benefit from a 4.1:1 final drive ratio.

Like the other stripper GT 86 and BRZ RA models produced, there are currently no plans to export this car outside of Japan. Blame it on production cost, as well as the limited appeal for a $31,500 semi race-ready Subaru BRZ.

If you see that as bad news, ponder this: you could probably build one of your own from a U.S.-spec BRZ for comparable money, possibly less if you found buyers for all the parts you ripped out.