Let’s be brutally honest with one another for a second: there’s a segment of the sports-car-buying population that has no interest whatsoever in actually driving fast; instead, they like the image that a fast and expensive sports car gives them.

We’re not here to judge, and that universal truth applies to buyers of virtually all makes and models of sports cars. Porsche, however, recognizes that there’s a business opportunity here, so it’s promoting a service at it’s Leipzig plant called “Co-Pilot.”

Sign up for a Leipzig plant tour, and you’ll have the option of adding a “taxi ride” around the facility’s test track at the hands of a professional driver. Vehicle choices include the  Cayenne Turbo, the Panamera, the 911 and the 911 GT3 Cup (although we’re fairly certain that requires a “no-breakfast or lunch” waiver).

If you prefer your four-wheeled fun on the dirty side, Porsche can even arrange an off-road taxi ride in a Porsche Cayenne, complete with a few puckering climbs and descents.

Prices for Co-Pilot programs start at 98 euros ($129) for a ride in the Cayenne Turbo, and climb to 210 euros ($277) for a spin in the 911 GT3 Cup. That’s quite a bit less than any program where you’d drive yourself, since paced laps in the “Pilot” program start at 270 euros ($356).  

Personally, we’d rather spend the money on a track day or autocross school, but for the casual driver, we can see the appeal. When Porsche completes its new facilities in Los Angeles and Atlanta, we’d be surprised if it didn’t offer similar programs here as well.