Porsche has spent the past few years ramping up its production to meet demand. In Leipzig, Germany, its plant is running three shifts to meet global demand for the Cayenne SUV, while an expansion is underway to add another line for the upcoming Macan crossover.

Things had been equally busy in Zuffenhausen, the plant outside of Stuttgart, Germany, where Porsche builds its 911, as well as some Boxster and Cayman models. Now that supply of the new 911 has risen to meet demand, Porsche is looking at cutting back production on its sports car line.

As Automotive News (subscription required) reports, production will be trimmed back from seven days per week to five, beginning in January. There’s also talk about cutting the workday from eight hours per shift down to just seven, as demand for premium sports cars continues to fall off in Europe.

Porsche plans to trim Zuffenhausen production by 10.7 percent next year, with total plant output projected to drop below 15,000 units. That could be further decreased should conditions warrant, or increased should demand pick up.

While sales in Europe show no sign of recovery, Porsche’s global sales are up year to date, spurred by significant growth in the Chinese and United States markets. Will that carry over into 2013 as well?

Porsche, along with every other luxury automaker on the planet, hopes the answer is yes.