Here’s what we know for sure: Top Gear hosts Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are in the United States, losing money in Las Vegas and driving a Lexus LFA, an SRT Viper and an Aston Martin Vanquish.

Autoblog was first to decipher this from the ramblings of Jeremy Clarkson on Twitter, and it sounds like the world’s favorite car show has something epic planned. As Clarkson tweeted on Monday, “People of America. Later today, @thehamsterscage, @MrJamesMay and I will arrive in your country to make some noises.”

Aside from that, Clarkson has admitted they’ll “be in many places in America,” although this road trip may not be contained by our borders. On November 8, Clarkson told a follower that he’d be in Mexico next week; frankly, we can’t even imagine the paperwork necessary for a British citizen to drive a borrowed supercar into Mexico for a visit.

Luckily for Clarkson and his companions, the BBC has people to handle that, even if the network is a bit ill-informed on the regional customs and habits of Americans. We presume the North American road trip will air as part of the show’s 19th season, set to air in the U.K beginning in February of 2013.