There's a new toll road in Texas called SH130, and a segment of it just opened with an 85 mph speed limit. Apparently, Hennessey doesn't care much about limits.

The Hennessey VR1200 twin-turbo Cadillac CTS-V Coupe is another example of the company not really caring about limits. It generates  1,226 horsepower (1,066 at the rear wheels) and 1,109 pound-feet of torque (964 at the wheels). That makes it good for 0-60 times of 2.9 seconds, quarter-mile ETs at 10.2 and 141 mph, and a top speed of 242 mph.

On Texas SH130, the VR1200 CTS-V Coupe didn't hit top speed, but it did speed its way into the record books, becoming the fastest CTS-V in the world when it hit 220.5 mph during a test of the TxTag toll system in cooperation with the Texas State Police. This video is the proof.