Just like its cars, Tesla’s dealership model is very different to what you’ll normally find in the auto industry. Rather than independent showrooms, Tesla has its own retail-style stores, some even located in shopping malls, where potential customers can find out more about Tesla’s cars and the technology behind them, and then perhaps make a reservation for one.

One aspect that buyers will find familiar, however, is the option to trade-in a vehicle, just as long as that vehicle is a Tesla Roadster.

As the San Francisco Chronicle (via Green Car Reports) reports, Tesla has created a buyback program for Roadster owners who are looking to update to a Model S. Roadster owners who take advantage of the program can either use their payments from Tesla to purchase a Model S or simply pocket the cash.

Tesla will then sell its used Roadsters alongside the Model S. This gives electric car buyers who may have originally missed out on the Roadster, which ended production last year, a chance to the buy the pioneering electric car--at a discount. Prices on a four-year old example averages about $73,000 versus the $109,000 price when new.  

Additionally, with Tesla planning to sell traded-in Roadsters through its stores, this should ensure buyers of used Teslas get the same level of service offered to new car buyers.

Of course, with only 2,600 examples ever built, it may be a better investment to hold on to the Roadster, should you already have one in your garage. If Tesla proves successful, perhaps even becoming a mainstream car brand, the Roadster, being Tesla’s first model, and one of the first high volume electric cars sold to the public, could become quite the collector’s item one day.