It seems that pitting a supercar against a jet aircraft never goes out of style. Depending upon the length of the course and the vehicles involved, sometimes victory goes to four wheels, while other times it goes to two wings.

Car versus rotary-wing aircraft (aka helicopter) throw-downs are a bit rarer, but Autoblog has managed to dig up a classic one. This race pits a modified Dodge Challenger SRT8 (with a claimed 490 horsepower) against a Hughes MD 500-D helicopter (with 420 shaft horsepower) in a down-and-back drag race over an unspecified distance.

We won’t spill the beans on which competitor gets to pay up at the end of the race, but we’ll admit to be blown away by the helicopter pilot’s skill at setting up the finish line cone. We’ll also admit that the race was a bit closer than we expected, and a longer course (or a wider one) may have produced a different outcome.

There’s bonus footage at the end of the video, showing a race between the MD 500-D and something else with four wheels and truly amazing acceleration, though not a lot of top end speed in this case. With that in mind, it’s worth watching the video all the way to the end.