Le grandi Ferrari di Sergio Pininfarina exhibition

Le grandi Ferrari di Sergio Pininfarina exhibition

In July of this year, one of the greatest designers of all time, the legendary Sergio Pininfarina, son of Pininfarina founder Battista Farina, passed away at age 85. During his lifetime, he penned some of most famed cars ever to see the light of the day, many of which were designed for Ferrari.

In honor of his contribution to Ferrari, the Italian sports car manufacturer will be hosting an exhibition at its official museum in Maranello, Italy. The new exhibition, titled Le grandi Ferrari di Sergio Pininfarina (Sergio Pininfarina’s great Ferraris), will provide visitors with the chance to get to know the most beautiful Ferraris designed by Pininfarina over 60 years in collaboration with the Prancing Horse.

The collection of cars will be housed in three different halls, one each for race cars, concepts and production cars.

In the race car hall, some of the highlights will include a Le Mans winning 250 LM, the 250 SWB Stirling Moss drove to win the Touring Trophy, and the experimental Formula 1 Sigma, suggested by Pininfarina in the 1960s.

Moving onto the concept hall, visitors will find cars like the Modulo, the P6 and the extraordinary four-door Pinin.

Finally, in the production car hall, visitors will be greeted with a collection of front-engined Berlinettas, the BB prototype, and several other notable models. Additionally, there will also be a huge mural with all Ferraris ever created by Pininfarina from 1952 until today, including some undisclosed material from the Pininfarina family’s personal collection!

Ferrari chairman Luca di Montezemolo, Piero Ferrari and the Pininfarina family will be present at the opening ceremony of the new exhibition from October 27, 2012, to January 7, 2013. Tickets cost approximately $17 and can be booked online via the website www.museoferrari.com, and guided tours or private events can also be organized.