A 21-year-old man driving a Lamborghini Gallardo in Sydney, Australia that he had borrowed from a friend, unfortunately met with an accident involving a taxi traveling in the same direction. Upon impact, both the silver Lamborghini and the taxi ran off the road, with both cars then colliding into a pole.

The driver of the Lamborghini, Will Shao, was stuck for two hours before rescue crews could safely remove him. He suffered serious leg injuries and was taken to hospital along with a 19-year-old female passenger who needed to be treated for a broken leg.

The taxi driver, a 36-year-old man, was treated for shock while a male passenger he was carrying was treated for a minor hand injury.

Police are still investigating the matter and are yet to confirm who was at fault nor whether excess speed or alcohol was involved.

Considering the force of the impact and the damage sustained to the Lamborghini, it’s likely the car is now a write-off. It was a rear-wheel drive Gallardo LP 550-2 belonging to 23-year old student Brendon An.  

Speaking with The Australian, An said he was happy his friend was alive and that he didn’t care about the car. He said the car was a gift from his family in China.