Following the success of recent upgrade packages and special editions like the sporty XFR Speed Pack and fully-loaded XJ Ultimate, Jaguar is now looking at launching even more options for well-heeled customers looking to stand out from the crowd.

The information was revealed by Jaguar’s global brand director, Adrian Hallmark, who spoke recently with Autocar.

“It’s clear from our research that Jaguar has a strong enough brand name to participate in more of this sort of business,” Hallmark explained. “We’ve proven that we can build £100,000-plus cars that sell, and these projects are one way of pushing the brand further upmarket.”

Though he didn’t say exactly what Jaguar had planned, he did say that the brand would be heading into new areas.

One strategy, which is also proving popular with many rival firms, is the expansion of vehicle personalization services. Jaguar has recently called on its Engineered To Order (ETO) division to help develop models that are just a little more special than your average Jag.

Some of these included the high-performance XKR-S coupes and convertibles, as well as the aforementioned XJ Ultimate. In the future, we’re likely to see more ETO enhanced cars, one of which is rumored to be a track-focused version of the already extreme XKR-S.