Dr. Phil, daytime television’s favorite wisdom-dispensing psychologist, is also a car guy. Comforting the grief-stricken and emotionally challenged on television pays well enough to afford a choice of rides according to The Daily Mail, including a Ferrari 360, a Gemballa-tuned Porsche and (until recently) a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air convertible.

Dr. Phil McGraw’s beloved Chevy Bel Air was stolen from a Burbank repair shop on Sunday night, after thieves cut a lock and pried their way through a roll-up door. While the Los Angeles Times reports that a burglar alarm was tripped, no security footage of the theft was captured, leaving police with few clues to go on.

McGraw’s car, which had refused to start, was towed via flatbed to the shop for repairs earlier in the day. Unless the thief was a master mechanic, it’s likely that the car was pushed from the business and towed away via flatbed.

The missing car is black with chrome wheels, wide whitewall tires, gold badging and a red leather interior. While it looks stock to the untrained eye, McGraw claims that upgrades put the car’s value at around $100,000.

We can’t give you any other distinguishing features to go on, but if you see a black Bel Air with a red leather interior that looks out of place, you may want to reach out to the Burbank Police Department and let them know about it.

Image credit: Wikipedia user Junglecat, licensed under CC 2.0