Argentinean soccer player Ever Banega, the midfielder for Spanish club Valencia CF, has had a series of mishaps involving cars recently, with the latest incident involving a Ferrari 360 Modena he recently acquired and was driving for the first time.

While driving on a road near his Valencia team’s training grounds in Spain yesterday afternoon, Banega’s Ferrari suddenly caught on fire.

The 24-year old was able to escape from the fire unscathed but by the time fire crews arrived and put out the flames his beloved Ferrari was nothing but a burnt heap of metal and plastic.  

A spokesman for the Valencia team told Reuters that Banega had only recently bought the car and that the cause of the fire was likely due to an electrical short circuit.

The video above shows much of the incident and features Banega allegedly seeking help to put out the flames.

Banega’s latest car-related woes come just weeks after he recovered from a broken ankle sustained in February when an Audi R8 he was filling at a gas station rolled back on him after he failed to set the handbrake.