To make Ferrari’s FF shooting brake more civil for everyday driving, the automaker incorporated its first-ever all-wheel-drive setup in the 651-horsepower grocery-getter. Combined with its sophisticated electronic stability control systems, the Ferrari FF is arguably one of the most forgiving Ferraris ever built.

Still, the laws of physics apply to any car, even the Ferrari FF. A Nashville, Tennessee FF owner found this out the hard way when he impacted a curb at speed in his new Bianco Avus Ferrari, tearing off the right front wheel and peeling back the bodywork up to the passenger door.

As Wrecked Exotics points out, alcohol may have been a factor in the crash, although further details on the incident are lacking. After hitting the curb, the car allegedly traveled through a garden and up half a flight of stairs before coming to a stop; on the plus side, at least there was no engine fire.

While the driver was uninjured in the accident, the amount of damage inflicted will likely make the FF a write-off. We’ll bet the engine is still intact, which could make this FF ideal for your latest engine-swap project, if you can snap it up at auction for the right price.