Perhaps after watching Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift one too many times, the driver of a fourth-generation Honda Civic sedan in Japan recently decided to take to the streets for some drift action.

With onlookers on hand to film his antics, the driver proceeds to burn some rubber before idiotically running through a red light and ending up crashing into an oncoming truck.   

To make matters worse, the driver then speeds off from the scene of the crime and is allegedly filmed later on in a somewhat celebratory mood.

Fortunately, it appears the speed of the vehicles involved in the crash was too low to cause any serious damage, or injuries. Nevertheless, the results of the Civic driver’s actions could easily have been much worse.

Hopefully local police authorities will be able to identify the driver from this video, in case they haven’t already, and make an arrest. As we saw recently with the driver of a Lamborghini Gallardo, police in Japan can still make an arrest for hoon driving based on video footage even years after the event has occurred.

Thanks Marcus for sending in the tip!