Every now and then we come across a news report where the accounts really do need to be seen to be believed.  

For example, take this latest story of a crash near Blackduck, MN, where a passenger was ejected from a car yet the driver and another passenger initially failed to even notice.

According to a report from the Minnesota State Patrol, the driver of a 2006 Chevrolet Impala, 72-year-old Louise Ericksen, was traveling along Minnesota Highway 72 on Sunday morning with two other passengers.

In the front passenger seat was 18-year-old Ashley Ericksen and sleeping in the back was 15-year old Kendall Ericksen.    

At around 10.30 am the car swerved off the road and was driving along a roadside ditch when, the Associated Press (via Duluth News Tribune) reports, that a roadside sign smashed one of the rear windows. As the car continued to bounce along the ditch, Kendall Ericksen was thrown out of the broken window.

Louise Ericksen managed to get the car back on the road and continued to travel southbound for some time with neither of the two sitting up front initially realizing that Kendall Ericksen was gone.    

When they did realize she was missing, the patrol report said, they returned to where the car had gone in the ditch and found their missing passenger standing alongside the highway. Fortunately, she only suffered minor injuries, which is quite lucky considering the circumstances.