Vacations for Ken Block take a bit more planning than vacations for the rest of us. Not only does Block have to factor in the logistics of shipping his Hybrid-Function-Hoon-Vehicle (HFHV) to San Francisco, there’s the whole matter of getting streets blocked off for filming during daylight hours, too.

Filmed over a four-day span, Block’s Gymkhana Five: Ultimate Urban Playground; San Francisco is his most elaborate production to date. We have no idea how much it costs to shut down the Oakland Bay Bridge for filming, but it’s pretty safe to assume it would cost more than our own budget for video production.

While Gymkhana Five has the expected level of precision hoonage (including some with stunt-rider turned NASCAR Nationwide driver Travis Pastrana), there’s also an impressive amount of jump-induced carnage. After all, what trip to San Francisco would be complete without getting big air in your soon-to-be-needing-major-repairs HFHV?

We’ll give Block props for toning down the DC Shoes plug, too. Unlike previous Gymkhana efforts, there are only a few, brief product placement shots in this installment, which we’ll rate as the best of the bunch so far. Even if it does lack a man in a gorilla suit standing on a ladder.