Ken Block’s critics are quick to point out the American driver’s failures in World Rally Competition, where his part-time effort doesn't draw much attention from hardcore fans. Even Block’s other driving endeavors, like the Global Rallycross Championship, aren’t enough for the motorsport faithful to take him seriously.

One thing you can’t deny, however, is that Ken Block is a marketing juggernaut (with the occasional sense of humor). As chief brand officer of DC Shoes, it’s Block’s job to sell as many shoes, hoodies and overly-brimmed ball caps as possible, and one way to do so is via his wildly popular Gymkhana videos.

Block’s Gymkhana videos get the kind of traffic you’d expect from a video of Bigfoot exiting a flying saucer on the White House lawn, with Jersey Shore’s Snookie in tow. With four Gymkhana videos already to his credit, Block is hard at work on producing  number five, scheduled for release on July 9.

As was the case with earlier Gymkhana videos, each must outdo its predecessor with bigger stunts, crazier backdrops and a higher potential for bodily harm should something go wrong. Gymkhana Five sees Block on a barge in the middle of San Francisco Bay, spinning donuts for the amusement of commuters on the Bay Bridge.

At least the teaser video for Gymkhana Five sees Block in the middle of San Francisco Bay. We’ll have to wait until July 9 to see if the rest of the video was filmed on a barge, or if this was just an elaborate mis-direct. Two things are guaranteed, though: Gymkhana Five will get massive traffic, and Block will sell a barge-load of DC-branded swag.