The SRT Viper Cup is a spec racing series that allows owners of SRT Viper ACR-X models to mix it up at some of the best racetracks in the United States. With theoretically identical cars, winning comes down to driver skill and perhaps just a bit of luck.

As with any racing series, mistakes at speed can have devastating consequences. During a race at Road America last weekend, driver David Pintaric lost control of his car at high speed, resulting in the horrific crash seen in the video above, first posted on the DriveSRT Facebook page.

The accident is easily one of the worst we’ve ever seen on a track, and the fact that Pintaric was able to escape with minor injuries is a testament to how well-designed and stoutly-built the Viper ACR-X is. Even in a crash involving multiple impacts and end-over-end tumbles, the Viper’s roll cage appears virtually untouched.

We’ll give some serious credit to Pintaric, too, who stepped up to the plate and admitted the crash was caused by driver error. We’ve seen far too many drivers blame an accident on conditions or equipment, so it’s truly refreshing to see a racer step up and say, “my fault.”

Here’s wishing David Pintaric a speedy recovery and a quick return to competition. Let’s hope the next generation Viper turns out to be as stout as the last model, too.