Are you a Chevy fan or a Mopar fan with a project in your garage just awaiting a new engine? If so, we’ve got good news for you: at the upcoming Carlisle GM Nationals, scheduled for June 22-24, Carlise and Auto Enthusiast will give away a 1963 Chevy 409-cubic-inch V-8.

Two weeks later, Carlisle Events will partner with Muscle Motors, Mopar Muscle Magazine and vendors Manley, Comp Cams and Milodon to give away a 392 Stroker 5.7-liter Hemi V-8 engine.

The Chevy engine looks original on the outside, but has been built to produce 425 horsepower. The engine was donated by Don Fezell Classics, machine work was done by R&R Machine of Brookville, Pennsylvania, and Jerry Wallace handled the build-up.

Carlisle event manager Rick Markko said of the legendary 409 up for grabs, “It's a true piece of history, having found life in one of those timeless classics produced between 1958 and 1964. We hope the winner has a great plan for his engine.”

We do too, since we’d hate to see a 409 V-8 sitting on a pallet in the back of someone’s garage. Auto Enthusiast will do a follow up story on the winner and vehicle getting the transplant, which should help ensure that it finds a proper home.

If you’re a Mopar loyalist, your chance to win a a Hemi V-8 comes at the Carlisle Chrysler Nationals on July 6-8. Details on the 392 Stroker 5.7 are lacking, but Carlisle assures us it will be built to produce “more than” the standard 400 horsepower.

The engine comes compete with carburetor and MSD controller, and it should fit between the fenders of a variety of Chrysler muscle cars. If trucks are your thing, it will fit in RAM pickups, too.

As with the Fiat X1/9 being given away by Carlisle, winners need not be present. For details, head on over to the Carlisle Events website.