It may have taken a little more than two years but McLaren has finally built its final P1. Production of the 375th and final car has just been completed, bringing the curtain down on one of the most advanced and dynamically accomplished supercars ever made.

It was at the 2012 Paris Auto Show that McLaren first rolled out the P1, which back then will still in the concept stage. The production version followed roughly six months later at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show and shortly after all 375 build slots were sold out.

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After production of a series of prototypes and pre-production models was completed in the summer of 2013, work on the first customer P1 commenced. Running at full capacity, the special production line set up for the Ultimate Series cars and other bespoke projects managed to churn out one finished car per day, with each individual model taking 17 days to complete on average.

The final car was finished in a unique pearlescent orange, achieved through a special tinting process. The color echoes the shade of the 64th and final McLaren F1 road car, chassis #75. It features subtle styling elements in raw carbon fiber weave, with the finish only visible externally on the splitter, diffuser and the aerodynamic blades along the lower body, while the wheels are finished in silver.

Note, while P1 production may be at an end, the car’s more hardcore cousin, the P1 GTR, is still in production, though McLaren expects the last of these to be built in the coming weeks.

As for what comes next for McLaren’s Ultimate Series, CEO Mike Flewitt had this to say: “The McLaren P1 has already established itself as an icon and any car that is to continue the lineage of the Ultimate Series will need to be a worthy successor—a significant step change in technology or performance is required to ensure this is the case. The future is undecided at this stage, which is an exciting proposition.


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