Like it or not, electric cars will begin making inroads into mainstream motorsports, probably in the not-too-distant future. Electric drag racing is already an established sport and the benefits of electric propulsion (like peak torque at zero rpm) work well here. Range certainly isn’t an issue, either.

Range will likely keep electric cars from going head-to-head with internal-combustion-engine-powered vehicles in most professional racing series, at least for the short term. Drifting, however, is another form of motorsport that could easily expand to include electric cars.

Quimera Responsible Racing believes this, too, so it’s launching the All Electric Drift Car (AEDC) with a contest aimed at getting potential fans involved with the car’s design. Come up with a unique livery for the AEDC, and you could win a trip to California's Irwindale Speedway to witness the unveiling of the car on October 12.

You'll get to bring a friend along, too, and Quimera will give you $5,000 in spending money to ensure that you enjoy your California mini-vacation. If you've got graphic design skills and want to give it a go, you’ll find a complete list of rules and regulations on the AEDC Art Contest home page.

Longer term, Quimera’s goal is to promote other forms of electric racing as well, based around its electric sports car concepts. Expect to see future design contests based on other types of electric motorsports, too.