Conservative as it is, the 2013 RDX might also be the best-looking vehicle in Acura's lineup--that is, until the NSX returns. Wearing the Iron Beak grille in a completely non-ironic and non-ugly way, the new RDX blends simple shapes, restrained details, and good crossover proportions.

These live images show that even poor display lighting at the Chicago Auto Show (thanks, Acura) can't get in the way of the fundamental successes in the RDX's design. That said, it's not precisely a head-turner, so those looking for flash and dramatic appeal will need to look elsewhere.

Those with a taste for gliding through the city in what might be mistaken for a different sort of Honda CRV, however, will probably be drawn to the 2013 RDX.

Where do you fall on the RDX appreciation scale? Is it just slick enough to slip under the radar while looking good, or is it just sleepy enough to lose your interest? Let us know in the comments below.