For most of us (of a certain generation, at least), a smartphone is a tool that helps us get from place to place, reminds us of appointments, gives us a convenient way to stay on top of e-mail and amuses us while we’re waiting to do something else.

Some, however, view smartphones in the way we view automobiles. A Toyota Camry might get you from place to place, but the drive would be more pleasant in a Bentley or more entertaining in a Ferrari. An iPhone may get the job done, but it doesn’t make the same statement as a Vertu Constellation Quest.

In case you’ve never heard of Vertu, it builds smartphones for buyers who own things like Bentleys and Ferraris. The Vertu Constellation Quest, which looks suspiciously like an upscale Blackberry to us, has a list price of $8,400 in the United States. We seriously doubt you get a discount for signing a multi-year service plan, either.

Now, Topspeed tells us that Vertu is building a smartphone to honor the Ferrari 458 Italia. Called the “Constellation Quest Ferrari,” the phone boasts a sapphire crystal keypad, a titanium battery cover, a Ferrari engine coating finish, Ferrari leather trim (embossed with the Ferrari logo) and a tachometer-inspired clock.

Buyers also get Ferrari-related services, such as a dealer locator and notification of upcoming Ferrari-related events. Even the ringtones are Ferrari-oriented, as buyers get three variations of a track-flogged 458 Italia to assign to contacts.

Vertu isn’t discussing the price of the Constellation Quest Ferrari, but we’re betting it’s more than the $8,400 asking price of the standard Constellation Quest. Call us crazy, but we’d rather drop that kind of money on a Porsche 911 project car or a clean second generation Miata.