2011 Aston Martin DB9

2011 Aston Martin DB9

About five weeks ago, Aston Martin announced it would be building a one-off special edition celebrating its one millionth Facebook fan.

In a nod to the social network that got it there, Aston put the design of the car in the hands of its Facebook fans. Through a series of questions, voters got to play a role in the Aston model selected for the project, its equipment, trim and name.

Before the holiday weekend got underway, Aston announced the official name of the car. It is...wait for it....the DB9 1M!!

Okay, so it's not the most exciting or creative name out there, but it did prove to be the most popular among voters.

To be fair, the other finalists weren't much more creative. In addition to the winner, the final names included DB9 M, DB9 F, DB9 1Million and DB9 FB.

The name was the final of nine individual elements that fans got to vote on.

Options that will appear on the DB9 1M include 20-spoke, silver diamond-turned wheels, black brake calipers and an Obsidian Black and Spicy Red interior with Piano Black fascia. You can see all of the selected options on Aston's dedicated Facebook page.

Whatever your thoughts on the name, the car itself should be interesting to see. It'll be a bespoke DB9 built with input from thousands of people. Aston will start building the model in March of next year and will showcase it at public events throughout the year.

Each Facebook user that participated will receive a downloadable certificate of the model's design. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like Aston has any plans to give the model away in a Facebook fan appreciation contest--we'll bet that number 1 million is a little heartbroken about that fact.