Aston Martin is one of the automotive world’s more traditional brands, and the artisans in Gaydon, Warwickshire are better known for fine luxury sports cars than for being on the cutting edge of social media.

In fact, Aston Martin didn’t even have a Facebook page until 2009, but despite this has racked up over one million followers in the past two years. To honor this achievement, the traditional automaker will do something very un-traditional: it will crowdsource the build of an Aston Martin model.

If you’re a fan of Aston Martin on Facebook, you can answer a series of questions to help build the Millionth Fan Car. Aston Martin will select the most popular responses to choose the model, color and content, and build the actual car chosen by fans in March of 2012.

To ensure that the car isn’t an “Electric Pink” Cygnet minicar with a rhinestone-trimmed, leopard skin interior, Aston Martin will carefully dole out the question and will limit the responses. If you aspire to someday be an Aston Martin owner, the event does allow you to choose the car you’d most want parked in your own driveway (unless, of course, you have a thing for hot pink Cygnets with leopard skin upholstery).

Since Aston Martin is in a celebratory mood, the automaker is also reducing the price of its Aston Martin Experience app, which can give you tips on the world’s best driving roads, provide you with real-time vehicle telemetry and give you a guide to 40 world cities. Available for iPhone only, the app is now priced at just $0.99, making it the least expensive item with an Aston Martin logo that we can think of.