Last week, we showed you the lengths RML was going to to ensure that the completed Nissan Juke-R was as close to a production car as possible. Unlike most track-focused cars, the Juke-R will benefit from carpeting, a headliner and a dashboard that doesn’t look like it was carefully crafted with a Sawzall and duct tape.

This week we get to the heart of the matter: shakedown testing to make sure the Juke-R is ready for its on-track debut. Once the engineers are sure that parts won’t fall off, then it’s a matter of tuning the Juke-R for optimized performance and handling.

We know that the Juke-R has been deemed safe enough to park auto ournalists behind the wheel, since we’ve given you video proof of a Spanish writer lapping Silverstone in the rain. As exciting as it is watching someone with a modest skill level lap a wet track under the guidance of an instructor, we can’t wait to see a pro driver wring the snot out of the Juke-R

We suspect that we won’t be waiting long, either. While the video below concludes the build series of Juke-R videos, Nissan’s got way too much into the killer crossover to keep it out of the spotlight for long. We’ll let you know as soon as a good on-track video of the Juke goes up, but in the mean time enjoy the exhaust note in the video below.