Turn on the news these days, and you’re likely to be met with stories about the ongoing financial crisis in Europe. As bad as things are on this side of the pond, at least we know what currency we’ll be using in a few months.

The European economic outlook hasn’t dimmed orders for Porsche’s all-new 911. The car hasn’t even gone on sale yet (officially, at least), but Porsche is reporting “overwhelming” orders from customers in its home country of Germany.

The Stuttgart-based automaker isn’t releasing specifics on how many pre-release orders have been received. Still, The Detroit News quotes Porsche spokesman Dirk Erat as saying that advanced sales of the new 911, “are in the four-digits.”

It’s likely that the new 911 will do equally well here when it hits dealer showrooms next spring. Through November of this year, Porsche has sold 27,189 cars in North America, compared to 25,320 in all of last year.

While the Porsche Cayenne remains its best-selling model in North America, even sales of the current 911 are up by 365 units (or nearly 7 percent) versus last year.

Stefan Bratzel, the director of Germany’s Center of Automotive Management, called the new Porsche 911, “One of their most relevant product overhauls in a long time.” With praise like that from industry insiders, you can expect the 2012 Porsche 911 to sell equally well on these shores, regardless of our own economic health.