As far back as World War I, “Q-Ships” were heavily armed but innocent-looking merchant vessels, designed to lure in enemy submarines. Expecting an easy target, more than one German or Japanese submarine was sent to the bottom of the ocean by an “ordinary” freighter.

Today, the term often describes a car that looks harmless on the outside, but contains some serious upgrades under the hood. Like the 1967 Volvo Amazon featured in the video below, for example.

From the outside, it looks like a tastefully modernized Volvo wagon, even if we’re not sure why someone would want a custom ’67 Volvo Amazon. Under the hood, however, lies some 600 horsepower worth of friendly dissuasion.

Originally built for SEMA 2006 by Mattias Vöcks (who just happened to work for uber-tuner Koenig), the Vöx-Amazon won the title of “Sweden’s Hottest Volvo.” We’d take that one step further and proclaim this masterpiece the “World’s Hottest Volvo.”

We know of at least one 2011 Ferrari 458 Italia driver who’d agree with us, too.