With the huge loads and huge distances that big rigs have to cope with, the big power and torque numbers they make from massive diesel engines can be a bit of a shock to those most used to cars.

Still, the average truck pales to insignificance compared to Joint Venture's race truck.

With 4,500 horsepower under its hood, it makes even the Bugatti Veyron look like a child's toy in comparison. And with 1,472 cubic-inches of quad-turbocharged and twin-supercharged sixteen-cylinder diesel power, it makes your average big-block muscle car feel like a Smart Fortwo.

The Detroit diesel engine is originally from a tug boat before several modifications were incorporated. It slots inside a 1997 Freightliner truck making it--perhaps unsurprisingly--the world's fastest Freightliner.

Back in 2006 it achieved the record as the World's Fastest Modified Diesel Truck with a faintly ludicrous top speed of 228.804 mph at Bonneville.

More recent efforts have been curtailed by mechanical issues, but the truck has still done several 200-plus mph runs since first breaking the barrier in 1992. You need a special driver to do those sort of runs in an object that big and fast, so Lockheed-Martin flight test engineer Mark Zwieg has the honor of driving at 3.3 miles per minute across the desert.

The numbers only tell you so much, which is why you should also check out a video of the team's 217 mph run from 2010.