We've speculated before that if technology giant Apple were to build a car, then licencing Gordon Murray's aptly-named iStream process would be a good place to start, with no prior experience creating cars.

We could never see Apple releasing a car as ungainly as the T.25 or electric T.27 though regardless of their cleverness, which is where young design talent of the future comes in.

One such talented individual is Liviu Tudoran. Liviu is a student at IED in Turin, a design school well-known for its striking concept cars and producing car designers of the future. Liviu has imagined what an Apple car might look like taking the company's inspirational design-led products and applying it to four wheels.

The 2020 iMove is the result (coming via Winextra). Dominated by a large glass canopy and flowing form, the iMove looks every inch an Apple product. From the satin-like metal finish you'd find on a MacBook air to the smooth glassy finish of an iPhone or iPad the inspiration is everywhere.

The iMove has a dynamic, "cab-forward" stance that makes it appear to be moving even when it's not, and has strong echoes of the mouse you get with a Macintosh computer. The glass area is photochromic, meaning you can change its color to reflect your mood, and it also acts as a solar panel.

It's a stunning interpretation of an Apple car and as unashamed fans of everything futuristic we can't wait until the day we're driving around in cars like the iMove. If Liviu makes his way to the top, maybe that day will arrive in the next decade...

You can find more of Liviu's work on his portfolio site or his blog. We wish him the best of luck for the future.