Mercedes McLaren L4P SLR777

Mercedes McLaren L4P SLR777

Given that Mercedes and McLaren went their own separate ways a few years ago, finally winding Mercedes SLR McLaren production down in 2009, we thought for sure we'd see less terrible SLR tunes. Yet they keep coming.

This rough-looking, gaping-mouthed SLR took not one, nor two, but four different doctors to Frankenstein together.

Platinum Motorsport, RENNtech, MACarbon, and Exotics Boutique all put their tuning expertise together and popped out what they're calling the world's fastest SLR. They're also calling it the L4P SLR777.

These four partners conspired to increase the SLR's quickness, speed and look by adding the Mansory Renovatio bodykit (the first car to receive the kit outside of Mansory walls), upgrading a variety of hardware and customizing the interior.

Renntech left few corners untouched, boosting output to 770 horsepower and upgrading the five-speed transmission to handle it, upgrading the exhaust system, adding racing coilovers and shocks, increasing road clearance with a push-button hydraulic system, and upping stopping power with a performance brake system.

Platinum Motorsport was responsible for the bodykit install and "liquid white" paint job; MACarbon outfitted the interior with carbon fiber components; and Platinum finished the tune off with suede elements inside and 20-inch Agetro M140 Monoblock wheels outside.

As to the "world's fastest" claim, the L4P SLR777 runs the quarter mile in 10.29 seconds at 134 mph. That's well over a second faster than the 11.6 @ 125 mph that the stock version is capable of--and here's the proof: