Whether you're buying a Ferrari for the speed, the heritage or the looks, the reality is that you're buying it because it's a Ferrari.

With the Italian marque on track to hit its self-imposed exclusivity limit of 7,000 cars in 2011 though, how do you differentiate your car with the one owned by the guy down the street?

Ferrari's Tailor Made service, that's how.

We've looked at Tailor Made here on Motor Authority before, but some of the options available really stand out, as Bloomberg has discovered.

Gold, for example. Tired of all your friends and their Rosso Scuderia paint jobs? A gold paint finish could be just what you're after. Of course, that would clash horribly with tan leather and black, but that's okay--there's always denim.

Or better yet, cashmere. It'll match the sweater draped over your shoulders.

They're all part of the "Inedita" personalization collection which uses modern materials and colors, and tracks fashion and other trends. Also available are the more tasteful-sounding Classica and Scuderia collections, which take inspiration from historic Ferraris and Formula 1 racing, respectively.

Ferrari is worried about its exclusivity. Sergio Marchionne, CEO of Ferrari's parent company Fiat, has said that the company will not produce more than 10,000 cars per year and won't dip a toe into the SUV or luxury sedan market. Instead, he explained to Automotive News, competition with the likes of Porsche and Aston Martin will be left to the more "volume" Maserati brand.

Even 10,000 cars can't guarantee exclusivity for owners though, which means specifying some of the more dubious options mentioned above.

Unobtanium? Unicorn hide? A world of tasteless options is only an option sheet away...