As anyone with a passion for vehicles knows, eBay Motors is one of the world’s truly great time-sucks. Even if you’re not seriously in the market for a new car, truck, motorcycle or armored personnel carrier, it’s just plain fun to spend time browsing on eBay Motors, looking for the motorized deal-of-a-lifetime.

The site is about to get even better, since the eBay Motors Blog has announced the launch of “The World’s Fastest Car Show,” starring racer and genuinely-funny-guy Justin Bell. Each episode will blend car culture and pop culture into an entertaining, sub-ten-minute-long melange of gear head goodness.

Look for everything from car news through road tests and even driving tips in each weekly web episode. Fifteen shows are planned, including three “live” shows from NASCAR, IndyCar and NHRA events.

You won’t find The World’s Fastest Car Show on TV, but you will find it on eBay Motors and on eBay Motors Mobile for the iPhone. In fact, new World’s Fastest Car Show content will appear on the mobile app first, so there’s another reason to download the free app. Enjoy the first episode, found on All Car Tech, below.