When walking into a Bentley showroom, it likely helps to be well-dressed, looking like you can afford a car that costs more than many homes, even if you can't. One way to do so is to dress like the company's chairman and CEO, Wolfgang Duerheimer.

Favoring suits by Pal Zileri and Hugo Boss, and shirts by Van Laack, along with glasses from Nike and cufflinks by Montblanc, the CEO seems to have quite the fashion sense. Appropriate for a man who runs a company that sells ultra-luxury automobiles with all kinds of high-fashion sense of their own.

High-end sports car owners tend to be in a club of their own, and those who wish to fit in will need the threads to match their rides. Following the lead of the head honcho of Bentley can't hurt, even if you're just kicking tires.

Of course, if you can afford the high-end clothing that Duerheimer outfits himself in, perhaps you could afford one of his company's cars. But you won't get the Bentley- and Bugatti- branded cufflinks Duerheimer wears, alternating based on which company he's working with at the time.

Now that's avant garde fashion.

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