Maybach automobiles are, by design, rare and exclusive. With the number of options and configurations available, the chances of you seeing a Maybach 57 or Maybach 62 identical to yours at the country club lie somewhere between “slim” and “none.”

Still, Maybach wants customers to be more aware of its personalization options. To illustrate this, and to commemorate the 125th anniversary of Carl Benz’s patent on the first-gasoline powered automobile, Maybach has created the one-off Edition 125! for the Frankfurt Auto Show.

Beginning with a Maybach 57 S painted in the newly-created Tahiti Black and Patagonia Silver, the automaker has added a laser engraved and backlit Maybach crest in the center armrest, a glove compartment lid stitched with Wilhelm Maybach’s signature, silver-colored accent stitching on the upholstery, silver carbon fiber and piano black trim, matte black 20-inch wheels and a newly restyled radiator grille.

You can’t buy the Edition 125!, but you can build your own Maybach 57 or 62 with similar appointments. For 2012, all Maybach models get revised grilles, a restyled hood, a new front bumper designed to give the car a wider stance, LED running lights incorporated into the front vents and more aerodynamic side view mirrors.

Standard models get new 21-spoke, 19-inch wheels, while the S models benefit from 12-spoke, 20 inch wheels.

Inside, a reclining rear seat can now be ordered on 57 and 57 S models, and the upholstery has been enhanced with additional piping. Interior options range from the exquisite to the bizarre, including an “extremely high-quality flacon perfume atomizer;” good luck finding that option on a Chevy Malibu.

For the overly cautious, partitioned Maybach sedans can now be fitted with a forward camera and rearview monitor, just so you can coach your chauffeur on driving in traffic from the comfort of the back seat. Maybach 62 models can even be ordered with a 19-inch rear monitor, ensuring that you don’t strain your eyes attempting to watch video on the previously-available 9.5-inch display.

Power is increased by 18 horsepower on Maybach S models, which also see a gain in fuel economy from 14.3 mpg to 14.9 mpg in European cycle testing. Standard Maybach models don’t get more horsepower, but fuel economy in Euro cycle testing improves from 14.8 mpg to 15.7 mpg.