The latest of the special-edition Corvettes is loose, and this time it has some real racing credibility courtesy of Ron Fellows. Fellows is a former Corvette Racing driver and member of the Corvette Hall of Fame. The special-edition 2012 Z06 that bears his name isn't quite as special, but it looks great.

With a carbon fiber hood, racing stripes, Centennial Edition black wheels, and 100 Years embroidery on the seats, the Ron Fellows SEMA/Spring Mountain Z06 is more of a parts-bin special, but those parts are all good stuff.

The car was unveiled at the National Corvette Museum over Labor Day weekend. For more photos plus a video of the unveiling, check out the Corvette Blogger story at the link below--and look out for the special-edition 'Vette to take to the track at Fellows' Spring Mountain Motorsports driving school.


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