You've already decided you want a high-performance, luxury SUV. You've narrowed the field down to the German offerings. You want to be able to tow. But have you considered a hybrid?

Porsche offers all of these things in one package, should the urge take you: the 2012 Cayenne S Hybrid. It's sporty, powerful (333 horsepower from its supercharged V-6 and another 47 horsepower from its electric motor), and, for the class, surprisingly fuel efficient at 20/24 mpg city/highway, for a combined rating of 21 mpg.

But those figures might not reflect the real world: John Voelcker of GreenCarReports saw 27.7 mpg overall in 619 miles of driving through Manhattan and upstate New York--without bothering to attempt to hypermile the SUV.

Despite the verifiable green cred, the Cayenne S Hybrid is still a Porsche, with plenty of luxury and intelligent ergonomics inside to coddle driver and passengers alike. It also handles well, earning the praise of being "not only the best-handling SUV we've had, but the most fun to drive" from Voelcker.

For the full details, including the downsides of the Cayenne S Hybrid, check out the full drive review at GreenCarReports.