Attorneys are used to negotiating their way out of sticky situations, but one Houston attorney learned the hard way that wet concrete overrules all. Details are somewhat sketchy, but it appears that the woman behind the wheel attempted to make a u-turn on a busy Houston street, despite the orange barrels, signs and obvious road construction.

Her Lexus GS didn’t get far before sinking axle-deep in the freshly-poured concrete, and police advised the driver to remain in the car until a flatbed was dispatched to tow her out. Staying in the car may have been for her own safety as well, since the 8:30 a.m. incident further snarled Houston’s already-notorious rush hour traffic.

Since the concrete was still fresh, it was easily repaired. We’re guessing that will be the case with the Lexus as well, as long as someone got a high pressure hose on it, and quickly. The driver’s reputation behind the wheel, on the other hand, may be irreparably damaged.

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