We're just days away from the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance in Monterey, but already the drive reports and inside info is starting to emerge for the next crop of production cars. The latest is confirmation that BMW will in fact offer a 5-Series diesel with M Division's tuning.

Whether this means a true M car, like the M3 or the 1-Series M Coupe or something in between an M and an M Sport model remains to be seen. Whatever its state of tune, Autoblog reports that it won't be getting an official M5 badge; it will get some other formulation. BMW 5-Series M Diesel, perhaps? There are many possibilities.

As for what kind of power we can expect from a diesel 5-Series M-tuned sedan, we can't be sure. You can be sure that if M Division is moving forward it will be suitably brawny, likely offering at least as much torque as the standard 2012 M5, and likely a healthy dose more, to make up for the diesel's characteristic low-revving nature. We'll be in Pebble in just a couple of days, and we'll talk with BMW to uncover more if we can.

The decision to go diesel has put most of what the M Division has said for the past several years on its head. Our 2009 interview with Dr. Kay Segler, chief of the M Division, for instance, touched on the subject of an M diesel. Segler said such a car would be unlikely at best, as America isn't fond of diesels and there wasn't much of a business case for a high-performance one at all. That has either changed of BMW has decided to try to make it change.

What say you? Would you buy a diesel M car? If so, why? Let us know in the comments below.